This was the week that…

1. Carine Roitfeld got a new job.

As well as working on her twice-annual fashion magazine, CR Fashion Book, the ex-editor of Vogue and all-round sophisticated lady, Carine Roitfeld will be taking up her new position as the global director of Harper’s Bazaar International. This new role will require Roitfeld to contribute number of pieces to all 26 international issues of the famous magazine, beginning in the March of 2013 issues. Roitfeld will also be able to flex her creative talent on the covers of the international magazine. Duncan Edwards, the CEO of Hearst Magazines International (the company which Harper’s Bazaar is a part of) expressed his excitement over the partnership, "This collaboration marks the first time anything like this has been done and we're very excited about what Carine will bring to Bazaar editions around the world."

2. Announced Dorothy’s dress was going on sale.

The iconic piece of film history that is the blue gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in the original production of the Wizard of Oz will go on sale on the 9th November at the "Icons and Idols 2012: Hollywood Auction" in Los Angeles. The dress up for auction is the only "Dorothy dress" out of the 10 made for the famous film, which has remained intact. The starting bid will be £125,000 and the final price is expected to reach half a million dollars. Joining Garland’s costume will by a variety of film pieces and items of interst including Marilyn Monroe’s Last Will and Testament of 1961 and James Bond’s suit from Goldeneye.

3. Versace was called 'Tacky'

Following criticism that her Italian designer label was tacky, Donatella expressed a nonchalant reaction, stating, "never mind." She then went on to say, "First of all, any reaction is a good thing…the people who struggle are those who have no reaction at all. They are too safe. Tacky - never mind. What is tacky? What is chic?"

4. Dior Found A New Muse.

Jennifer Lawrence is becoming not only a name to know in the film industry but one in the fashion industry, too. Having just posed for the front cover of Vogue, the 22 year old has been announced as the face for Christian Dior’s new campaign, to hit magazine pages early next year. Why Lawrence? Raf Simons admits his awe over the young starlet, "I was, of course, struck by her incredible on-screen presence in these blockbuster films, but also impressed by her powerful interpretations of subtler more rounded characters. Her youth and her classic beauty, but also her force of character and the complexity she's capable of embodying at such a young age, are, for me, both unique and very moving."

5. It was revealed that Kate Middleton paid homage to Cheryl Cole.

In her new autobiography, Cheryl: My Story, Cheryl Cole revealed that Prince William confessed to her that The Duchess of Cambridge dressed up as the petite pop star for her hen party last year. Not only did she wear a bodysuit and trousers with slits down the side, the Duchess also learned the dance routine to Cheryl’s hit 'Fight for This Love'.