This was the week that...

1.Everyone thought Agyness Deyn had Retired.

A couple of weeks ago, Agyness was quoted implying she'd retired from modelling to focus on her movie career. Nevertheless, this has proved to be a big understanding with Mrs Deyn saying: "Someone asked me if I had stopped modelling and I was like, 'Uh, I suppose so, cause I've not modelled for a while.' But it's not like I'm never going to model ever again. There's a lot of actresses and actors who model and do work. So I'm not like totally ruling it out. I think like, just the basic fact that I've not done a modelling job in a while was what I was trying to communicate."

2. MMM and H&M Had a Beautiful Bash

On Tuesday night at 5 Beekman Street, New York, a slew of celebrities sauntered into the venue dressed in deconstructed fabrics, asymmetric hems, and clear acrylic heels. That's right, it was the launch of the coveted Maison Martin Margiela line for H&M. For a designer label enveloped in secrecy the location was fitting: a historical building in downtown Manhattan which boasts nine floors and a decadent interior. The event did not see a fashion show debuting the collection, oh no, the clothes and accessories where showcased in a dance sequence, a simple fashion show would have been too generic.

3. eBay got MMM x H&M Before We Did

Following the launch party of the long-awaited collaboration, 67 of the collection's items were listed on eBay, insinuating that some who attended the launch party thought better than to keep their freebies and make their friends jealous, but rather to make some quick cash. The uploaded items aren't a bargain, either, a pair of acrylic wedges set to retail at £169.99, are ready to be bought for £623.87, a leather dress is going for £685.63 (RRP £179.99), and Trompe l'Oeil bodysuit for a grand total of £248.92 (RRP £29.99).

4. Courtney Love Debuted Her Clothing Line

Yes, that's right, Courtney Love. Allegedly four years in the making "Never The Bride" will be stocked in Net A Porter, though the website could not confirm this. Much to our surprise the collection is the good way: the pieces are heavily vintage-inspired mostly due to the fact that the items are re-purposed vintage pieces, with douses of beading, dropped waistlines and feathered head dresses. And just so you don't ever forget your wearing a "Never the Bride", Courtney integrated a little signature: "In the hem of all the dresses there’s a ruby and it says c***,".

5. Rumours Circulated about Heidi Slimane and The Rolling Stones.

Only a couple of weeks ago did The Rolling Stones announce their 50th Anniversary tour in London and New Jersey. Nevertheless, another exciting detail about the epic tour has, possibly, been revealed: Heidi Slimane will dress the legends for the tour. Having had plenty of previous experience in dressing musicians and with his signature tailoring of blazers and skinny trousers the match would be one made in rock heaven. The fashion house, however, has neither denied, nor confirmed speculation.