When Spice Girl Victoria first ventured in to the world of fashion design, the initial media response was reasonably negative. Fashion was an obvious progression for Victoria who has loved fashion since ‘she can remember’- she's very honest, later saying "was music my talent really? No, I don't think I was particularly talented." For a young girl that "always wanted to work in fashion", the opportunity was perfect.

The Beckham family may have relocated to glamourous LA a few years ago for David's football career but Victoria’s fashion company is very much British based. The lady herself is proud to say that 'my brand is British, my team are all British, you can feel the energy as you're driving through London’. Good on her, we reckon.

She talks about the quality of her brand, saying 'I want to empower women, I want to make women feel good about themselves and for me to be able to achieve the quality that I want to give my customer, I have to do that in London.’ At one stage Victoria Beckham was the Spice Girl that didn’t smile, but last year when she joined Twitter things changed for the better. The super-mum design extravaganza now has 4,160,500 followers, many bidding for her wise words and loving the many photos she posts of her daily activities. For such a private person, she has become accessible in the most modern way.

This week, Victoria's collaboration with Cutler & Gross sees her expanding her already bursting CV to include eyewear. The lady herself is often seen in large dark sunglasses, but this new line of specs is anything but secretive. The collaboration has come about with Victoria claiming she could never find glasses that really suited her, so a perfect opportunity to spread her wings. The collection launches in January 2013 which frames ranging in price from £295 to £340. Pretty steep, but perfect for a little bit of the Beckham love. Many of the specs are unisex with aviator styles and square shapes to mix it up a little.

Mrs Beckham and Opening Ceremony 'Bond' husband David have more than a bright future ahead of them, with an estimated worth of £165 million. Having digested that, it is more than comforting to know that 'the fame isn't important' to them. Gulp.