I genuinely can't remember how I met House of Strange mastermind, Ash Gardner. It might well have been through Twitter, though I find it far more romantic to make up a far-fetched story involving dragons, dwarves and a duel. Either way, we've known each other for a while now, and if I was asked to present you with one word to describe his personality, it would be 'joyous'. The best example of this was a gig we put on at The Good Ship. The place was pretty much empty (we've never been good promoters) yet Ash always had a smile on his face, which is pretty impressive considering the nature of a House of Strange show and how long is must take to co-ordinate/put on (confetti/audio-visual attack).

The band side of the House of Strange 'brand' is only a small portion of what makes it so great though; it's also an amazing recording studio/artspace/inspirational hub. I like to think of it as a cult, but the sort of cult that makes people happy, rather than the ones with the suicide pacts.

It's hard to explain just how awesome Ash/House of Strange is, so we headed down to the studio to give you some video evidence.

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405 Focus was recorded/edited by George and Louise Nindi.