When Phenomenal Handclap Band released their self-titled debut record in 2009, they gave countless music critics headaches. Not because it was a racket or anything, but because the whole album was so genre-defining that it was a nightmare to write about. It was a soul edged record that mixed so many disparate styles that it’s near impossible to summarise, mixing classic funk, disco and hip hop inspirations with many of the best bits of everything that was contemporary and critically praised at the time.

From what we’ve heard so far, the soon to be released second album Form and Control seems similarly hard to nail down – there’s glossy Santana-esque guitars, Doors-esque keyboards and very easy to love Sixties-esque female vocals, and yet there’s still an unseen forward thinking force tying it all together and making it a bit special.

The 405 met the band to talk about the crowds they’ve been playing to, the evolution of the new album, and to see if they can name their genre any better than we can. They also played a show for us. Have a look!

You can watch the interview/session below, or via our TV Section. It's also available via our Vimeo and Youtube pages.

The interview was recorded/edited by George and Louise Nindi.