Last year, indie developer Krillbite Studios released a very impressive pre-alpha gameplay teaser for Among the Sleep. The game was impressive for the fact that you play a young child, two years old to be exact, and the main setting of the video took place inside a house with an extremely spooky and tense atmosphere.

Krillbite Studios have taken their baby project (no pun intended) to Kickstarter, fresh with a new trailer teasing even more gameplay. According to their Kickstarter page, Krillbite Studios are aiming for a surrealistic style game, with a story that's heavy on metaphor and alludes to fear and confusion through the eyes of a young child.

The Kickstarter is only looking for $200,000 to launch the game with unannounced stretch goals at this time. This looks to be one of the most unique concepts we’ve seen in awhile, especially as it's starting to look like, in essence, an incredibly creepy survivor horror.

If Among the Sleep gets funded, it will be available on PC, MAC OS X, Linux, Steam, be DRM Free and available at the end of this year.