Videogame design veteran Brenda Romero has resigned from her co-chair position at IGDA over the use of exotic female dancers at a party thrown by the organisation after the Game Developers Choice Awards (GDC).

Other members of the IGDA have also resigned following the incident, possibly in the hope of sending a message that the rampant misogynistic image and attitude of the videogames industry needs a major cleanup.

Before Brenda’s resignation, she gave a presentation on #1resonwhy tweets that, at the end of last year, revealed a growing disdain for the video games industry from the many female developers who are subjected to growing levels of sexism or misogyny.

It’s no secret the gaming community (which is rather tightly intertwined with internet culture as a whole) has for a long time harboured an incredibly adolescent, immature and sometimes almost violent attitude against woman in the industry. For an organisation like IGDA, boasting a “non-profit” image "dedicated to improving developers’ careers and lives through: Community, Professional Development, and Advocacy" to then throw a party with exotic dancers at a professional event - it just blows the mind how staggeringly unprofessional it all is. In marketing, sex sells, no doubt about it – hence ‘booth babes’ at commercial events like E3, Tokyo Games Show and most public tech conferences (however, the need for them is becoming increasingly redundant, as they just seem out of context these days). However, there weren’t any consumers to be had at the IGDA party, so their logic just fails me.

…and that’s what it is folks, a massive fail. The industry seriously needs to grow up.