Hot on the heels of the awesome looking Duck Tales remake announcement, SEGA Studios Australia have released a trailer showing off another remake - the 1990 classic, Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.

According to the design team, they are sticking to advice given by the director of the original game:

"We are having a blast working with her to realise many of the elements that were intended for the original game, but couldn’t be achieved until now due to the technical limitations of previous generation consoles,"

SEGA's digital brand manager, Mai Kawaguchi, wrote on PlayStation Blog: "If you have played the original game, you will also see that we have kept intact many of the major iconic elements [...] that helped define this groundbreaking game at the time of its original release."

Castle of Illusion, along with Duck Tales will be available this summer on Wii U, PSN and XBLA. Check out the Duck Tales trailer below. I’m just so happy to hear the theme tune again!