If you’ve ever wondered what Monster Hunter would look like in shiny HD graphics via the CryEngine 3, then look no further as a project between Capcom and Chinese media group Tencent has birthed a new MMO, Monster Hunter Online.

The game will only be released in China, will be Free-to-play and will be ready for testing this June. According to sources the game will include every single monster from the Monster Hunter series, including a new monster that is so powerful it will require 24 hunters to take it down!

It would appear Capcom are trying to do quite a few things with the franchise: Remastering the series to hopefully get interest in Western territories again (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate), evolve the series' gameplay mechanics and online functionality (Monster Hunter 4), and quash intellectual property infringement by similar products made in China (Hunter Blade) whilst testing new waters to see if an MMO-styled game would be a popular addition to the series.

We'd love to see a Monster Hunter MMO hit Western territories, especially with current gen graphics. We can only hope to see this arrive on the upcoming next-gen consoles.