If you’re like me, you love collecting the odd special or limited edition of your favourite game, movie or even music release. You’ll also understand that sometimes most special/limited editions are entirely just for collections sake and rarity value. Sometimes these special releases are packaged with displayable figurines or items to show off that you have a collector’s edition, or maybe they make nice artistic decorations for your room.

However, Dead Island Riptide’s collector’s edition makes absolutely no sense, as it comes with a fairly sizeable, big-breasted decapitated torso (the head, arms and legs have been ripped off) and it's bleeding all over itself.

PhotobucketI can’t fathom for the life of me who would want to display this anywhere, let alone just collect the thing and keep it in the box. Even the idea of keeping it in its box is kind of creepy …I just wonder to myself who they were trying to market this to?

Other features in the collector’s edition such as the steel book case, weapon pack DLC and collectors artwork are all nice editions …however THAT torso …why make this?!

Regardless, it either appeals perfectly to the necrophilia demographic or is just a good ol’ bit of armless fun. In either case, only those in Europe will be ‘lucky’ enough to buy this, as it will not be available in the USA.

Dead Island Riptide will be available in the EU from April 26th 2013.