EA and Chilango have joined forces to create a gigantic burrito eating contest to celebrate the launch of Army Of Two The Devil's Cartel. Why? Well, the game's set in Mexico, and the burrito is so large that they will only let you undertake the challenge if there are two of you.

They're calling it The "Army of Burri-Two" challenge.

Not only will the burrito in question be, in their words, "the size of a small child", but it will be seasoned with two different salsas for an extra fiery flavour. If you're feeling brave, you can also add Chilango's "Overkill" sauce, named after a play mode from the game, and made out of Habanero peppers. That's going to be quite a mouthful.

EA's Colin Blackwood stated: "We’re excited about partnering with Chilango to launch Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel [...] They’ve been making great burritos for years, and what better way to bring the game’s hot co-operative gameplay to life than via a blistering burrito co-op challenge."

If you and a friend want to take on this challenge, head down to your nearest Chilango in the next three weeks. And wear something comfortable. The first person to complete the challenge each day gets a commemorative T-shirt, a free meal voucher and a bottle of Chilango house salsa.