With the Xbox One already ruffling feathers amongst gamers, PlayStation 4 fans have flocked to twitter to campaign against any intrusive DRM being implemented in SONY’s upcoming next-gen console.

NeoGaf has been the main instigator of this cause, mass tweeting messages about a wish for free, open online access and no anti-used game policies. Some of the hashtags featured were #PS4noDRM and #PS4UsedGames, with messages being forwarded to Shuhei Yoshida and Scott Rhode.

There has been a response of sorts from Scott Rhode, who acknowledged fan support with a simple message saying, 'I love passionate #PlayStation Fans!!'. Of course, one can't assume that this shows the company's intentions of actually listening to their public.

There has also been some fantastic responses from parody accounts, such as CEO Kaz Hirai who mistakes the hashtag #PS4NoDrM to mean 'No Dr. Mario on PS4'.

With companies such as EA and Ubisoft just recently dropping their 'always online' DRM and other obtrusive user restricting polices, it's no wonder that gamers are hope that the PS4 can bring some welcome change to the console market.

Whatever happened to popping a friend's copy Super Metroid into the SNES and playing right away, eh?