GAME is at it again! They want to lock you in their stores and never let you out – I would totally be up for that, however the idea of having no food and only Blu-Ray discs and plastic game box cases to eat isn’t really all that appealing.

Joking aside, GAME is celebrating the launch of Defiance, the online shooter from Namco Bandai with five exclusive events taking place between March 17th ~ 21st in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Peterborough and London respectively. GAME plans to show off an early glimpse of the game and the lucky players who attend the events will also get beta keys from March 21st so they can continue playing the game until its official launch on April 2nd.

I really enjoy what GAME are up to nowadays - they're trying their best to foster a community for gamers whilst giving them pretty good previews of games they may possibly buy later, whilst giving them prize incentives at the same time. It's certainly one way to reinvigorate the high street.

Keep an eye out on GAME's events page for more details as they become available.