GAME has just announced that it has partnered with Sony PlayStation to host what is set to be one of the biggest “lock-in” campaigns, allowing gamers all over the UK to get an exclusive sneak peak at God of War: Ascension in selected GAME stores. All you need to do is tweet your local participating GAME, or sign up in store (first come, first serve).

48 GAME stores will take part in showing off the game between February 7th and March 9th, a full month before the game is released on March 15th. The full list hasn't been publicly posted yet, but when it has you can check it out here, along with all of GAME's planned events. We've also posted the full list of participating stores at the bottom of this news story.

Anyone attending the event will be able to go home with a Kratos-style Sackboy keyring, and any customers who pre-order the game will be able to get a free DLC “Blade of Judgement” multiplayer weapon for free. Also at the event, GAME will be offering an exclusive Special Edition copy of God of War: Ascension. It will feature a steelbook case, soundtrack CD and a double XP multiplayer unlock.

Most of the lock-ins will be roughly 2 hours long, so you’ll have more than enough time to test drive the game thoroughly.

A new God of War: Ascension trailer was recently featured during the Super Bowl. Check it out below.

Participating GAME Stores

Thursday 7th February
Stratford-upon-Avon 7-9pm

Friday 8th February
Cambridge 6-8pm

Saturday 9th February
Liverpool Lord Street 10am-7pm
Bristol Cribbs Causeway 8:30-10:30pm

Monday 11th February
Glasgow Union Street 6-8pm

Tuesday 12th February
Peterborough 8-10pm

Wednesday 13th February
Colchester 6-8pm
Camden 7-9pm

Thursday 14th February
Ealing 7-9pm
Redditch 7-9pm

Friday 15th February
Portsmouth 7-9pm
Livingston 5-8pm

Sunday 17th February
Manchester Trafford 6-8pm
Bullring 6-8pm
Stratford Westfield 7-9pm

Monday 18th February
Hanley 7-9pm

Tuesday 19th February
Walsall 7-9pm
Stockport 7-9pm
Hereford 7-9pm

Wednesday 20th February
Silverburn 6-8pm
Cheshire Oaks 8-10pm

Thursday 21st February
Milton Keynes 8-10pm
Barnsley 6-8pm

Friday 22nd February
Derby 6-8pm
Plymouth 6-8pm
Sheffield Fargate 6-8pm

Saturday 23rd February
Teeside Park 7:30-9:30

Sunday 24th February
Lewisham 6-8pm

Monday 25th February
Basingstoke 7:30-9:30
Cheltenham 7-9pm

Tuesday 26th February
Telford 7-9pm
York Monks Cross 8:30-10:30pm

Wednesday 27th February
Morfa 8-10pm
Hammersmith 6-8pm
Kidderminster 7-9pm

Thursday 28th February
Solihull 6-8pm
Ipswich 6-8pm
Hull Prospect 7-9pm

Friday 1st March
Southend 7-9pm

Saturday 2nd March
Bournemouth Castle Point 7-9pm

Sunday 3rd March
Nuneaton 4-6pm
Bolton 5-7pm

Monday 4th March
Norwich 7-9pm
Northfield 7-9pm

Tuesday 5th March
Nottingham 6-8pm
Staines 7:30-9:30pm

Wednesday 6th March
Cardiff 8-10pm

Saturday 9th March
Manchester Denton 8-10pm