Today at SXSW, Rockstar Rising, the new Whotune integrated iOS and Facebook Gaming App, announced a competition that could see your music featured in the game.

The game itself is essentially a band RPG, where you typically start off playing with your bandmates in a garage, then work up to bigger and better venues, hiring and firing bandmates (who can be plucked from your facebook friends list) along the way. All the music featured in the game is taken from Whotune, meaning it's sourced from independent artists and bands. From today, anyone who signs up for a free Whotune account can upload and submit a song for use in the game.

 photo Whotune_RSR_BowlingAlley_zps214bc73d.jpgKarl George, CEO of Whotune had this to say:

"Independent artists are now given their chance to have their songs featured in the game, exposing them to thousands of gamers and potential new fans. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover new talent and introduce that talent to the world"

Contest Submission Requirements and Guidelines

There is no cost to enter the contest, and both solo artists and bands will be considered. Each artist or band will be limited one entry. Songs must contain one of each of the following: vocals, guitars, and drums. No obscene language can be considered, as Rockstar Rising is an all ages game.

To enter the contest, artists will first need to sign into and create a free profile. If you are already a member of, you can skip this step. Step-by-step instructions for contest submission are below:

1. In the backstage area, upload new songs or select a previously uploaded song on your profile.
2. Click on the song you wish to enter and below it you will see an ‘Enter Competition’ tab.
3. Click ‘Enter Competition’ and select ‘Rockstar Rising’ then click ‘save’. You will now be prompted to visit the ‘How to Enter’ page on the ‘Contests’ tab.
4. You MUST visit the ‘How to Enter’ tab in order for your entry to be validated. You can share your entry with your friends and fans and get them to vote for you.

Judges include Karl George founder and CEO of Whotune Music Group; Steve Tannett, Manager of Whotune Records & Publishing; Tommy Faragher, 12 time Grammy nominated producer and songwriter and current musical director of the hit TV show GLEE; and Justin Mette, head of Whotune games.

Judging will be based on the combination of judges’ individual scores, with 30 percent of the total score based on fan votes.

The selected winner will:

• Receive a caricature creation based off winner’s likeness.
• Become a featured artist in the game.
• Spread music to the ears of gamers on the platform.
• Increase visibility and fan base.
• There will also be a consideration for signing to Whotune publishing.

So, if you fancy getting your music featured in a game, sign up now, and don't forget to check out the game's official website.