The Metal Gear Solid Facebook page has announced that Hideo Kojima is going to live stream a presentation at GDC 2013 on March 27th 2013.

The announcement was made with an attached press photo of Big Boss from Ground Zeroes, and an additional paragraph asking fans to ‘Like’ the photo if they’ll be tuning in to watch the presentation that will supposedly display more of the game and the FOX Engine.

Hideo Kojima has said the game will be tackling some pretty risky and taboo subjects (Possibly about child soldiers?), even going as far as saying the game may never be released (Let’s hope that doesn't happen!).

The 10-minute trailer released last year showcasing the game and the FOX engine pretty much wowed audiences worldwide. A viral-like trailer also released at the end of 2012 named as “The Phantom Pain” – though it hasn't officially been connected to the game.

More gameplay footage of this game is more than welcome. Can’t wait until the 27th March!