When I heard the name Hungry Giraffe, I instantly got an image in my head of a safari simulator. Though, with how weird giraffe’s tongues are, I just can’t imagine what kind of eating simulator starring a giraffe would be like. Thanks to Laughing Jackal Games, I now don't need to.

Starring a giraffe whose neck is endlessly weaving upwards into the sky above, Hungry Giraffe sees you control a …well, a hungry giraffe. The object of the game is to eat as much fruit as possible whilst avoiding incoming obstacles on the way up. So it’s a bit like snake for the old Nokia mobile phone, except the snake is a giraffe now and the fruit is like eating acid as the whole experience is pretty surreal and trippy.

The PS Vita release of this game will see a whole swath of new features such as trophies, online leaderboards, a store menu that allows you to upgrade your abilities, three new skins to change the appearance of your giraffe (You can change into a Reindeer, Emu or Snake!), an “Angel Feather” power-up that allows you to avoid certain death and upgrades that allow you to unlock new stages or augment your ability against negative status effects during missions – Quite a lot of content for a “simple-at-first-glance” game.

This is to be the first of three upcoming PS Vita titles that Laughing Jackal Games is releasing, so stay tuned.

The game is available now on the European PSN for £2.39 / €2.99.