Developer InnoGames is set to launch a closed Beta for their new browser-based Pirate MMO, Kartuga. So far, 50,000 players have signed up to pre-registration and there's still a few days left if you want to get in on the swashbuckling action.

Players will be given a choice of three classes of ship, each fully customisable to an individuals play-style, and encouraged to set sail and plunder three massive regions, undertaking both PvP and PvE quests.

Dennis Heinert, spokesman for InnoGames, had this to say:

"The game adds new perspectives to the pirate genre. The setting does not have anything to do with clichéd Caribbean parrots, but will lead the players to three distinct areas. This is all free to play and massively multiplayer in a persistent world."

With established franchises like Tekken cutting themselves a slice of the browser-based market, it seems possible we're going to see the format gain some credibility over the coming months. Plus you can't deny that the prospect of a completely open world Pirate MMO sounds fun - let's just hope it doesn't fall prey to the curse of the micro-transaction.