I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that Konami, the publishers of the longtime ‘run-n-gun’ arcade style series Contra, have registered a new trademark codenamed: Contra Run & Gun.

The Contra series has been a strange one, with petered releases with no real connection to each other. It’s like the last surviving mainstream ‘shmup’ that somehow managed to capture the attentions of both younger and older gamers.

The last titles we saw were the fantastic back-to-basics Contra 4 for the DS, developed by the wonderful WayForward, then the “How do you actually complete this game?!” difficulty of Contra ReBirth for the Wii.

Recently, Contra: Evolution (a remake of the original NES game) was seen on the North American Apple app store, however it has since been removed.

David Cox, who works very close to MercurySteam, expressed earlier in the year he would love to make a new Contra. Could this finally be it?