Nintendo UK’s twitter has officially announced the date for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s off-TV GamePad play + cross USA / European online multiplayer patch.

On April 16th you can finally play the game via your GamePad instead of using your TV. However, the most important part of this patch is the cross region play that will allow American players to play with European players anytime of the day.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of a 3DS online patch (Which the 3DS version sorely needs, sadly as it lacks a network mode).

Also, if any of you are over the pond in California, you can head down and enrol in some Monster Hunter classes on April 20th. Players are invited to take their 3DS and/or Wii U to take part in a mass co-op play. There will be exclusive DLC quests and players can even achieve “extra credit” challenges via a live broadcast on TwitchTV that will take place during the event. Prizes have yet to be announced.