When Nintendo announced Mother 2 (aka Earthbound) for later this year, fans optimistically speculated that Nintendo might possibly just go ahead and release Mother 3 as well, with a little help from the fans themselves.

The offer from the fans to help speed up the release the game comes in the form of a 2008 fan-made patch that contains a complete translation of the game.

The Mother 3 Fan Blog that contains the offer goes on to explain the patch author’s credentials, as they felt the offer might seem silly coming from a stranger, but that it's better to make the offer anyhow and "seem silly than possibly miss an opportunity entirely".

As mentioned in the blog, localization is a headache for RPG and other large games, so the cost and time for companies like Nintendo to take on such projects is appreciated. However, Nintendo can’t deny that dedication of fans is on a par with that of the Mother 2/Earthbound community, so hopefully this blog will get their attention and save the company some time with the arduous translation process.