For those who love card games and Tekken, you'll be happy to hear that Namco Bandai is set to release Tekken Card Tournament, a free-to-play digital card game.

Gameplay sees players competing in the “King of Iron Fist" tournament, challenging each other to a game of card on card action.

While the game can be played solo, it will also prominently feature online gameplay. It will be playable on devices such as tablets, smartphones and most web browsers. Physical booster packs will arrive in stores later in the year allowing you to play offline or online with the use of QR codes on the cards.

Although the whole game could be classed as “freemium”, compared to some other games that try this formula, Tekken Card Tournament's business model seems to make sense – anyone remember X-Men trading cards, Digimon or Pogs?

Tekken seems a weird game series to base a card game around, but I will admit I'm intrigued as to how they're going to pull off the gameplay.

Tekken Card Tournament will be available worldwide in the next few weeks.