Sega has been kind enough to release a new trailer of Aliens: Colonial Marines for you all to take a gander at.

The trailer pretty much plays out like a Call of Duty trailer – you have burly testosterone marines, the word motherf*cker gets bandied around and dub-step is playing continuously throughout the entire trailer.|

Overall, I can’t say it has finesse but I guess every trailer up until now has been about those no good rascals, the xenomorphs, and how they have the upper hand against the Marines. So it's nice to see a trailer that roots for the team you'll be playing as throughout the game’s campaign – I’m just happy to see a flamethrower …Oh how I can’t wait to fry me up some alien scum!

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be available February 12th 2013 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Wii U version will be released sometime between then and March 2013.