It’s not everyday you get a combination of first-person complex puzzles that throws in a backstory tackling H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. The artistically original looking Magrunner: Dark Pulse has released some new screenshots thanks to developer 3AM.

To celebrate the upcoming release, 3AM has launched a brand new website for the game, announcing its availability on PC, XBLN and PSN. It’s also worth mentioning that the website is mobile friendly for anyone wanting to grab info about the game’s universe on the go.

 photo magrunner-17_zps3b2a24f5.jpg photo magrunner-18_zps6b491bf3.jpg photo magrunner-20_zpsd00a214c.jpg photo magrunner-21_zpsfe47c60e.jpg

There will be some videos showing off the game in the near future, so keep checking back until we have more to show you.