With much previous hype from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime for the E3 Nintendo Direct, fans were expecting some big announcements to be made. However, Nintendo mostly played it safe.

I was going to live blog the whole event, but Storify.com decided to die as soon as I posted a humorous joke that Reggie-Fils Aime may be in fact Giygas …turns out he must be, as he effectively killed our blog. Sorry Reggie L.

Nintendo kicked off their E3 Direct with Satoru Iwata who was holding the stream in a very large conference hall, they very same hall they will use to hold share holder meetings at the end of the month.

Satoru Iwata reminded us this was a Global broadcast and we were hearing all this news directly for the first time. However he didn’t mince words, didn’t show sales figures, and went straight to the games:

A Pokémon X & Y new trailer shown – A terrible sounding narrator was present throughout the trailer who sounded like he voices the cheesy drudgery you hear on NHK, introducing us to a new ‘fairy’ type Pokémon that is super effective against dragon type Pokémon. Pokemon-amie was also shown, it will allow you to play with the Pokémon tamagochi style – This will become important in raising your relationship with your Pokémon in game. Interestingly enough, the Pokémon will even recognize you if you’re copying their facial expressions. Weird!

Next Up: New Super Mario 3D World for Wii U (To be released in December 2013). It looked a lot like a new game, like the N64 version combined with the previous Mario Bros. 3D game released earlier last year. A Golden Cat suit was displayed that Mario can wear. This allows Mario to scale walls and scratch enemies to death. Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad are also in the game with the promise of 4-way simultaneous co-op.

Afterwards, a new Mario Kart 8 game for the Wii U was introduced via trailer. The main feature in this game is that the roads now curve upside down and all around the screen. It looks insanely gravity defying! Motorbikes are back as well. The game is slated to launch in Spring 2014.

Wii Party U with party games on the GamePad and Wii motes will be released later but has been delayed from the original release of Summer 2013. It will bee eleased maybe later this year.

Wii Fit U will be delayed as well to include new high quality features. It's now due this winter. Iwata admits to slow title release for the Wii U and apologizes for the delays.

 photo dafoe-verse_zpse1825957.jpgIwata acknowledges high quality drawings on Miiverse and that Nintendo had no idea the Miiverse would be used this way by its users. They are now developing software to help users draw via Art Academy for Wii U - There will be a special version released in advance in celebration of the artwork made in Miiverse this Summer – you can use pencils, coloured pencils and pastels and post your artwork directly to Miiverse.

Then some third party titles were quickly shown in a conglomerated trailer:

Then, new eShop releases were debuted via a similar summary trailer:

Iwata then referred to a past Nintendo Direct that spoke about Windwaker HD (to be released in October 2013). This time he showed us a new trailer for the game showing off the new HD quality graphics.

The remake of game has better textures, and the game has been adjusted to make the tempo of exploration to feel better. Tingle tuner from the original Gamecube version allowed you to connect the Gameboy Advance for assisted play: this new Wii U version will see Tingle Bottles feature the ability to post messages on the Wii U Miiverse. So, messages put in the bottle will be posted on Miiverse by throwing the bottle into the sea in game. Then other players can collect these messages in their own games and can even attach in game photos to those messages.

Next Up Iwata briefly touched on The Wonderful 101 (August 23rd in Europe via eShop) for Wii U. It looks like a frantic action game about a group of heroes who are fighting against invaders attacking Earth. The heroes use an ability to unite as a group and attack their enemy’s en-masse (Kind of like Pikimin but with people). An in game shop will have purchases that the player can collect or purchase for upgrades. Up to 5 player co-op is available and you can lead your own group or join together.

Iwata then started to hype everyone for his next announcement of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Released later this year) for the Wii U. This new DK game’s story sees Donkey Kong’s island overran by Seal Vikings. DK takes off to different isles to fight them off and get rid of them. You can see his fur for the first time via HD graphics which is pretty impressive and different camera angles are featured to give a more dynamic sense of gameplay experience overall. 2-player co-op was also confirmed with Dixie Kong as a playable character – She has helicopter hair ability to help DK traverse platforming gaps!

Iwata then introduced the next game in a slightly ‘clean’ way by saying basically “We got to see the front of her, not lets see the back of her”. It was like his script was written by the Playboy Channel for a brief second: Ultimately his introduction was for Bayonetta 2 (Coming out 2014) for the Wii U.

The trailer looks stupidly ridiculous, as per the game. Bayonetta now has short hair and a new costume (Though you could fool me as it looks the same). Gameplay shown after the initial CG trailer looks roughly the same as previous games – Flashy and Arcade-ish.

Iwata was then keen to show us a New Xenoblade game (TBA 2014). The trailer shows an absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous massive open world gameplay, almost MMO styled, looks absolutely fantastic with a smooth framerate. You can ride a giant mech and fly around the massive world and take on absolutely gigantic ‘mobs’ (Monsters that you can ‘aggro’ and attack) that roam the lands.

Finally, everyone was asking for it in the stream’s chat, Super Smash Bros. 3D (for 3DS) and Super Smash Bros. U was finally confirmed in a very big trailer (That introduced every character in the Nintendo-verse is involved including the Nintendo Dogs!) Animal Crossing characters are now in the game too. They look bizarre smacking people with a big net. MegaMan will be in it too, with his original music, attack & death sounds, and all the upgraded abilities from previous bosses he defeated in his series of games – Nice fan service there, Nintendo!

The game is coming 2014 with the official website for the game and Miiverse community to open after the Nintendo Direct stream ended. The games will be also available via the eShop, like all the other titles mentioned in this steam.

Then that was it! No mention of a new Zelda or Metroid game for the Wii U! Pretty disappointing in that respect and we can only hope for a new one being announced later this year. From what I could tell, Iwata was basically saying they are even delaying their schedule to ‘refine’ their current line-up, so a massive amount of new game announcements was never to be expected I guess.

However I do worry for Nintendo’s future, as most of their games, even though they are looking wonderful overall and extremely high quality, face incredibly tough competition from Sony’s PS4 that seems to be garnering all the love from the game community after their E3 press event.