A few months ago we saw the dissolution of THQ and the subsequent auctioning off of its existing intellectual property. While a lot of their immediately recognisable IPs were sold successfully, a few more notable titles such as Darksiders were left in limbo with no buyer.

Nordic Games has recently purchased 150 individuals titles from THQ’s catalogue for $4.9 million – these include the Darksiders series, Red Faction, Destroy All Humans, and much more.

Nordic Games CEO Lars Wingefors expressed the need to keep close ties to the original talent of each property they have purchased for further development:

"In the long term, we either want to cooperate with the original creators or best possible developers in order to work on sequels or additional content for these titles."

If you thought spending $4.9 million was a pretty penny, consider Gearbox’s recent purchase of the Homeworld series for cool $1.35 million. That's just one IP.

According to Gearbox’s blog covering their acquisition of the space RTS-sim, they will be digitally releasing sequels to the Homeworld in the near future.