Capcom has released its recent financial results to its investors, highlighting the key failure of Resident Evil 6 missing its original 7 million unit target, barely scraping by with 4.9 million units.

However, it's not all doom and gloom as Capcom have announced that Dragon’s Dogma “became a greater-than-expected hit product in the domestic market, which has high profitability, and became an unprecedented million seller in the recent years as an original title.”

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver. has also been recognized as “a smash hit” – this being especially spectacular for Capcom’s first ever Wii U product. However, the package sales of the game, whether that be the bundle 3DS/Wii U packs or the physical retail versions, were described as “soft” by the Japanese publisher.

It's worth noting that the same report from Capcom mentions that the company will be focusing on the success of Monster Hunter 4 and Lost Planet 3 in the domestic and overseas markets respectively. The main question here is whether this means we'll see Monster Hunter 4 in the Western market. We can only hope!