Hiroshi Kawano recently announced that the PS Vita’s sales have increased four-fold since the February 28th price drop in Japan.

The Vita was in desperate need of a price drop since its launch in Japan, and it seems that the inevitable tweak in RRP may have turned the tide for SONY's portable in the Eastern territory.

Sadly, SONY has yet to announce any plans to drop the price in the west, begging the question how far they will let their flagship portable console ail until they need to rescue it with that all-important slash in pricing?

The PS Vita sits at roughly £199.00 in the UK for the WiFi model and (If you’re lucky!) the same price due to special sales from retailers such as ShopTo for the 3G model (probably due to low demand for the higher priced version of console). This is all without a game, or a memory card that is absolutely essential to the console’s functionality. At least just throw in those overpriced memory cards for free and a lot more people will have incentive to buy the console.

Is the prospect of PS4 integrated functionality enough to keep the Vita afloat in Europe?