A new 35-minute gameplay trailer has been released for Heavy Rain creator David Cage’s latest digital outing, Beyond: Two Souls. The upcoming game features Hollywood stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

The trailer is very spoiler-ific so its recommended not to watch it if you want to keep the game experience fresh before you pop the game in your PS3 on release. However, I will say that mashing QTE commands on screen during a vagrant woman’s childbirth is never the less pretty jarring, especially in how gleamingly clean the baby comes out – Can’t wait to see possible YouTube uploads of that scene glitching in the future!

Another trailer for the game was released, alongside the 35-minute gameplay footage, that shows off more of the game's story arc that will take place over Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) lifetime.

It’s a shame this game won’t be released on the Wii U – I’m sure the unofficial Willem Dafoe fanbase on the Miiverse would have a field day with this game.