After releasing The Cave and leaving Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Studios, Monkey Island series creator Ron Gilbert has had some time to muse over his next move. Some of his thoughts were expressed in the latest post on his personal blog that talked about how he would go about making a new Monkey Island IF he had the chance:

"No tutorials or hint systems or pansy-assed puzzles," writes Ron. "You’re going to get stuck. You’re going to be frustrated. It would be an adventure game for the hardcore."

Ron Gilbert also went on to express that he would love to work with a small team, use old styled pixel graphics like those seen in the original Monkey Island, but with some modern day visual FX and a full voice cast.

Concerning Monkey Island’s IP ownership, Ron Gilbert wrote: "The only way I would or could make another Monkey Island is if I owned the IP. I’ve spent too much of my life creating and making things other people own."

Current Monkey Island IP owners, LucasArts ceased operations earlier this month and downsized to focus on licensing instead of development. Hopefully Ron’s thoughts are with this recent dissolution and maybe he’ll plan to finally get back the rights to his beloved creation. Another chapter in the Monkey Island franchise? Yes please!