I'm not going to waste your time waxing intellectual about sandbox games, the pros and cons of a sensible narrative, or whether some games lack a certain maturity. Saints Row IV looks like unfiltered, dirty fun and it's probably bad for your health.

 photo saints-row-aliens_zps931fe341.jpgThe game is set to be the last instalment in the franchise, and what better way to end the series than as President Of The United States? How has this happened - well, Aliens appear to have over run the earth, so that may explain the protagonist's heady rise to the dizzying heights of the White House. We didn't get to have a hands on preview for the game, which is a real shame, as it means I can't really give you anything more than what I saw on screen. I can tell you that superhuman abilities feature greatly, with the player able to fly around the city, taking on the evil invaders (or innocent members of the public) using a range of powers that include freezing, super-running, flight and telekinesis.

 photo saints-row-freeze_zpscc471dd1.jpgYou also get to have a dubstep gun. Which is as ridiculous as it sounds. The gun kills people by forcing them to dance (at least I think it kills them - the alternative is too horrific to contemplate). The lasers that shoot out of the end of the gun drop in time to the whub. And the dub step gun packs a lot of whub.

In conclusion, the game looks completely farcical, and that is in no way meant to sound derogatory. Sometimes you just need to kick back with a game that revels in its own absurdity, and Saints Row IV looks like a promising contender. I'd have to wait until I get my hands on it to form a reliable opinion, mind.

Saints Row IV is due for release on 20th August