The official date for the Kickstarter funded Shadowrun Returns has been announced for June 2013.

Developed by Harebrained Schemes, and with practically most of the original team from the first Shadowrun games onboard, this will be the first Shadowrun game seen in the last 20 years. Shadowrun Returns will see a return of gritty fantasy cyberpunk isometric CRPG action.

Along with this announcement, those who backed the project will see most of their Kickstarter “rewards” being handed out to them from three weeks after the launch of the game in June. Those who want to supgrade their backing to the game can do so before April 28th 2013. Those who backed for mod tools will receive them at the end of this month; everyone else will get the tools after launch.

The mod tools are actually a fantastically well-implemented addition to this new release, it will be completely DRM free and will allow users to create content and distribute it via Steam Workshop.