The new “It’s a bit like Monster Hunter with Dark Souls and magic” PS Vita game from Keiji Inafune, Soul Sacrifice, will have a host of free DLC up for grabs when it's released in Europe on May 1st.

The content in question will allow the player to battle 10 bosses, free of charge!

To add more game length to your experience, the developers are also offering paid DLC that will extend the game’s episodes thus increasing potential game time. So it’s somewhat “freemium” in the sense that you’ll get hooked on the free stuff and probably want to download more of the paid stuff … that is if it satiates your soul’s appetite.

It’s a pretty cool year for fans of the Monster Hunter style genre with such games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and God Eater 2 being released soon. With Soul Sacrfice in tow, there should be no shortage of challenging difficult games that will probably give you a severe case of repetitive strain injury.