It’s no exaggeration that, despite topping the UK charts, Aliens: Colonial Marines was hands down one of the biggest disappointments of the year, with shoddy gameplay, horrible A.I. and responsibility for the omnishambles of a game flying back and forth publicly between the developers and publisher. With such bad press, it’s no surprise that the Wii U version of the game, originally slated for an end of March release, has completely fallen off the radar.

When Gamespot asked about the state of the Wii U version of the game, a SEGA representative told them:

"We’re still not commenting on [Aliens: Colonial Marines] at this point. Sorry, I don’t have better news."

Developer Demiurge was even less enlightening, commenting:

"I’m sorry to say that we at Demiurge can’t really comment."

Oh dear, sounds like either a postponement or cancellation announcement is inbound! With rumours now surfacing that the Wii U game is the worst console version out of them all, as opposed to the best (as claimed by Gearbox), the future of the port doesn't look too bright.