While most of the The Last Of Us' focus has been dedicated to the offline single player content (and quite rightly so as it’s looking awesome!), some new screenshots from Sony have surfaced showing off the game’s multiplayer mode. It's looking pretty good - but looks aren't everything. We'd still need to get our hands on it.

 photo lou-10_zpscf1d3be5.jpg photo lou-09_zpsafb329c7.jpg photo lou-08_zpse0d33007.jpg photo lou-07_zps5b2d2d9f.jpg photo lou-05_zpsc31bf955.jpg photo lou-04_zps876fa863.jpg photo lou-03_zps4d03d5ae.jpg photo lou-02_zpsa97d5d61.jpg photo lou-01_zps1a363a46.jpg

It’s still a trickle of information as not much has been said about the game's multiplayer, and with only a week and a bit until release, I doubt we’re going to be hearing much more about it until the reviews pour in.