Hideo Kojima dropped two new trailers on GDC 2013 and confirmed, albeit somewhat vaguely, that The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are in actual fact both part of Metal Gear Solid 5. Whether they'll still be released separately, or are in fact two elements of a single title, is still the subject of much debate and speculation.

A new gameplay trailer has been released, along with a more cinematic trailer, with the official title of the game announced as Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.



What we know so far is both games have been billed as open world, a new development for the Metal Gear Solid series

The new Fox engine looks absolutely gorgeous and it's unfathomable as to how the current gen consoles (on which the game is set to be released) are going to run this game.

It's also rumoured that the original voice of Snake, David Hayter, will no involvement in in the games. Upon the trailers release, Hayter commented on Twitter "well look, at least I had a good run".

When asked "Did they even ask you to do it?", David responded simply "nope." This second tweet has since been taken down from Twitter, but one thing is certain - some MGS fans are not going to be happy about this!