Three weeks in and 2015 looks to have unearthed its first gem with trans-Pacific duo Vallis Alps. But you won't find this hypnotic ensemble on any 'one to watch' list - why? Because up until they dropped their debut EP on 6th January - they were unheard of, literally.

But since then, they've taken the blogosphere by storm and it's easy to see why. Lead single 'Young' is exceptional by all standards: simple, endearing, and of course, catchy as hell. The rest of the EP ain't half bad either.

Consisting of US-based David Ansari and Canberra's very own Parissa Tosif, the debut EP is certainly getting hearts racing all over the world and we here at the 405 can't help but get a little bit excited to hear what the rest of 2015 holds for Vallis Alps.

The impressive EP can be downloaded in its entirety from their Bandcamp.