You've made it onto this page, so you must be a fan of music.

You've seen the title, so we're assuming you must be a photographer.

We're after people who live and breathe these two things. Please read on carefully...

We are not looking for "live music photographers" we should add. Photopit shots are fine from time-to-time, but we're after photographers who can deliver more.

We cover live shows, festivals and events - but are keen to cover them in a unique way; sure, it's nice to have beautifully lit live shots at your favourite venue of a band you like - but we're after people that can tell a story with the photos. Bring something poetic to the table, something unique.

So, we're looking for feature photographers (or artists) that can provide us with a 'rounded' set of images from a night - general atmosphere shots, the people who attend, fan portraits, the details, venue details, the singers shoes, the dude covered in sick passed out in the toilets etc. Tell us a story! Document the process.

For some events we will set you briefs, or challenges, for the night. For example - we may want you at a gig for The Weeknd and instruct you to photograph five people kissing in the crowd. Or, ten photos of audience members wearing band T-shirts. Be it portraits, or candid-style. We're keen to have more portraits of gig/festival goers than of the band's playing on stage, and it's vital for you to have the confidence to adhere to this.

We're also very interested in talented photographers who know how to shoot a good portrait session - these will generally be out on location somewhere, and there will be many regular opportunities in regards to this. If you're a bundle of ideas and energy also that would really help in the creative process for these shoots; it's your chance to get involved and stamp your identity on projects.

For example we're proud of our Behind The Scenes coverage of acts at gigs, and are keen to improve upon this. See examples at the base of the article.

Please have in mind the type of acts we cover: Chance The Rapper to AlunaGeorge. How To Dress Well to Joey Bada$$. Lykke Li to Factory Floor. The Weeknd to East India Youth. Angel Haze to Tall Ships. Summer Camp to, well Fleetwood Mac. Washed Out to James Blake. Deptford Goth to No Age. Read the site, you'll get the picture (yes pun intended) - we're not so much about getting shots of established acts that grace the covers of Sunday Supplements. Most of the time.

We're also keen to explore new projects, be it portrait-based, or the documenting of subcultures, record stores, genres, cities, locations etc. Feel free to pitch projects to us.

So if you shoot digital, Polaroid, or on your Grandma's decaying film camera (we do have a soft spot for film-based media) and the above fits, we would love to hear from you. Think Ryan McGinley, Nan Goldin, Bill Cunningham, Vice Magazine, Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank. Or if you haven't heard of any of those it doesn't matter - make your own rules.

Sadly it's a no paid affair - but of course it's great for portfolio building and many of our past photographers have gone on to have successful professional careers. Plus, you get to see your favourite acts for free.

Any questions please drop us a line!

To apply email with a bit about yourself, your background, links to your work, and what you could do for us.