Update: We've decided to open this post up again for the non-music section. We've left the introduction the same, though it's important to note that we're not currently looking for music writers.

We'd like to interrupt your day by presenting you with a brief transmission relating to the site, and how you can contribute to its continued growth.

We're a music site, right? Well we never intended it to be that way if we're being honest, it just sort of happened. We're not complaining though, we love music. In fact, it's the best thing in the world. Fact. Occasionally we delve deeper into 'non-music' related content that we think you'll like, and over the course of the year (well... the rest of the year) we'll be pushing that side of things more (yeah, a new site is coming... just don't ask us when... it's a big build).

So, with that in mind, we're looking for people to help take the site to the next level (whatever that means). Yes, we're looking for people to help with the non-music side of things, but we're also looking for people that share our love and passion for music too.

The important thing to remember when applying to write for us is that we're looking for people that understand our tone (informative with a touch of sarcasm/humour), know what we would and wouldn't cover (apply our music taste to all other areas essentially), and can string a sentence together. Being able to contribute on a regular basis is also very important.

As this is a monster of a post, we've decided to split it between music and 'non-music'. It's also in order of priority. Below all of that is information on how to apply (click here if you're feeling lazy).

Thanks for reading,

The 405


Non-Music Section

To make this easier, we've grouped all the non-music sections together so that you're not overwhelmed by text. Just keep in mind what we said in the introduction (tone and knowing what we would/wouldn't cover)!.

  • Art/Design Writers: We're massive fans of beautifully designed objects (like this Coke can), and love staring at beautiful pieces of art (from photography, to sculptures). We need people that feel the same way.

  • Fashion Writers: Much like the above really. This position is perfect for people that like to shine the light on the latest fashion trends, designers, and lookbooks.

  • Tech Writers: Our tech department also features the world of gaming too, though this call-to-arms is specifically based on the 'crazy' world of tech. Are you excited about the iWatch? Do you care that Samsung screwed up a bit with the Magna Carta Holy Grail app? Do you wanna let people know how you feel these sorts of topics? Yes? Cool, then you should write for us then!

  • Film Writers: Whilst we're always happy to take on people that want to write about the latest Hollywood blockbuster starring Matt Damon, we're also looking for people that like to look into the history of film, talk about underground directors, and profile up-and-coming stars of the silver screen.

How To Apply:

To apply, please send an email to jobs@thefourohfive.com stating what area of the site you're interested in helping out with.

We'd also like you to provide examples of your work (if you don't have any, please write a paragraph or two on your favourite album/film/designer/photographer/etc of the year) and to provide a top 5 list of your favourite albums of the year (if applying for the music side of the site).

Sadly all positions are on a contribution basis (unpaid), so please bare that in mind when applying.