It seems Lorde's constant "I love Son Lux" shtick wasn't a terrible play for indie credibility as she's teamed up with Ryan Lott for a new version of 'Easy Switch'.

'Easy (Switch Screens)' is part of a new four-track EP from Son Lux called Alternate Worlds, which you can pick up on May 27th on vinyl. As you can probably guess, it features reinventions of four tracks from his latest album, Lanterns. Check out the tracklist below, along with the Lorde collaboration.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Alternate World (Alternate Age)
  • 02. Easy (Switch Screens) feat. Lorde
  • 03. Build A Pyre (Begin Again)
  • 04. Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying)

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