When in New York City covering CMJ Music Marathon-Polaroid style, Ashley Stanford passed a disposable camera on to Melbourne-based Garage-psych-folk artist Courtney Barnett.

And now we have them here for you - enjoy.

Royston Vasie

A man playing accordion at Central Park. I gave him a dollar.

Central park

Whitney Museum. Robert Indiana "love" sculpture.


Out a taxi cab window.

Dave's shirt.

Fergus from Bored Nothing. I saw him on the footpath before the aussie bbq and he goes "I got in a cab last night and accidentally left my guitar just sitting on the footpath when we drove off. I had to go buy a new one this morning"

After a sweaty hot show.

In a subway

Living out of a suitcase.


Jaimie, Adam, Grace and Nick.

Dave and Court

Brad and Dave.

I can't remember their names. I think they were from one of the other bands at the Pitchfork party.