Enjoyed's Peter Evans-Pritchard recently took his Something In Construction-released EP Pieces for a short tour around the UK, and we managed to talk him into documenting it for us. Check out the diary after the 'jump' (in other words, the 'EP').

Not only do I still buy CDs, I still listen to them. Daily. My car isn't blessed with modern technology like an aux input so I have to plan my journeys carefully. It was an hour 45 drive to Bath, each way. So I needed a minimum or 4 albums and at least another 2 or 3 to give the illusion of choice... I ended up with 12 (not including my hundred odd CDRs, and my car-copies of Animal Collective's, 'Merriweather Post Pavillion' and Underworld's, 'Everything Everything')

A lot of the choices were for warming up my vocals. I'm not good at remembering to warm up properly before I play so bringing a bunch of sing along records with me is my back up. Chad Valley, Here We Go Magic, The Whitest Boy Alive; all great for stretching the ol' chords and great inspiration for adlib vocal melodies, which happen a fair bit in my set. The other records were things I hadn't listened to in a while. (With the exception of Daft Punk's TRON soundtrack which is a regular night time car journey feature of mine). You can't see the first of Sasha's Involver albums there, that was already in the car, ready to go.

That suitcase is on it's last legs... Or wheels... Or whatever. It's been battered about coming on and off trains and into the back of cars and chucked about on stages. It's got way too much in it as well. My dad made me a fold up table to put all my gear on, so I don't have to ask for a table at every venue. The thing ways a tonne though and with my sampler, APC, multi fx pedal, cables and plugs all fighting for space with blankets and bubble wrap, the thing is literally bursting at the seams. Still, I like the circles.

Shit slides around in my car like a cartoon deer on ice. I fashioned this little hold all out of my coat and a stuffed pepper I won at a carnival in France when I was kid (I call him Sgt. Pepper). It was looking after my various snacks, including Gods greatest invention; the grape. The tastiest thing you can completely gorge on and still feel healthy doing so.

I went to Uni in Bath and used to come to Moles quite a bit. It was pretty cool to be back and playing in front of that weird fireplace/wallbox cave. I had no idea at the time but there's a studio upstairs and that fireplace allows you to record a live set straight to tape. Pretty... Pretty... Pretty cool.

Totally wasn't expecting food. I had planned for Nando's but bagels and chocolate covered Hob Nobs? I'd have played for just that.

Yeah, that's right. A WHOLE bagel. If you're in Bath, I recommend tracking that place down. They weren't like your average supermarket bagel. They were more like the far superior M&S bagel, which has a more cakey consistency. Imagine one of those stuffed to the brim with swiss cheese and relish. Mmmnn...

That's me there. Above the advert for cheap alcohol and a needless contraction of 'before' to 'b4'. 'Cos, y'know, we're in a recession. Why have 6 characters when you can just print 2?

I was a bit early so I set everything up out of sheer social awkwardness. The kick drum was from my kit at home. Femme didn't have space in their car so I offered the tonnes of it that I had in mine. My brother and I were quite proud of our little bass drum; venturing out of Soldridge for the first time to play in front of a real crowd (rather than our neighbours at our annual Soldridge Music Festival). He did good.

There's Laura, Josh and Simon kicking out some jams. This was preceded by a 'bad joke off' between Simon and the sound guy... The sound guy won.

My full set up, front of stage in a now smokey, Moles. That was left to settle in while we headed to a pub round the corner, which you'll have to imagine as I left my phone in the green room. Suffice to say it was similarly smokey and looked like most pups. I rocked up on stage at about half 10 and got to try out a classic LCD Soundsystem 'begin playing over the DJ' start (my first track was in the same key), which was cool. The set went great and Laura and I got to perform our song together for the first time. Lots'o'fun.

The Queen of Hoxton. Never been before but it was an awesome venue. A roof top garden bar area, a super spacious ground floor complete with an old timey western village in one corner and then down this ominous tunnel to the basement where we were playing. It felt a bit like a David Lynch dream sequence, everything was just a little out of the ordinary. In a good way.

Still not sure who or what Cat Lovers is but who doesn't enjoy two disembodied cat heads in duotone eggs? Exactly, no one.

Soundchecking... I didn't take this photo.

It honestly feels like we've been singing our track together for ages. We haven't. This was the second time. It's weird practicing it at home without Laura. I obviously know the melodies and everything but it never sounds as good in my head as it does when we're actually up there doing it. Girl can sing, put it that way.

Set times... Not sure why I took a photo of that to be honest.

The Hoxton show was a bit of a family affair. Both my parents and my brother came along for the first time. That's my dad and my brother, obviously. It was lovely having them there. I always thought I'd be super nervous performing to people I actually knew but it turns out I'm able to just flat out forget they exist for the duration of my set. That's true love that is.

OK, so you may have noticed that a lot of these photos aren't that great. That's because I mostly just take photos of shapes and textures. My camera roll is chock full of close up photos of bricks, paper, bubbles, metal, torn up photos, carpets, lamp shades, gates, anything with a circle in it, etc. Most of which have ended up in artwork of mine, in some form. Apart from making music and watching american TV Shows, I spend a lot of time in Photoshop, and you can never have enough textures for the kind of stuff I make. So when I went to relieve myself after a mammoth pre-gig Nando's and noticed that rather tasty wood finish, I had to take a few (26) snaps of various parts of the doors and walls in there. Fortunately nobody came in whilst I was excitedly taking photos of a public toilet...

Laura getting down on stage. Her live shows are super funky. And I'm not using 'funky' as a cop out adjective. Her songs are proper rock the boat, dancefloor groovers. It's the melodies that had my ears flapping though. They're totally unique. You can hear them all through the Ultraísta album and her tunes as Femme. I think 'sassy' is quite a good way of describing it.

It looks like my Dad asked everyone to leave so that he could take that photo. I couldn't see anything from the stage though. Not that I tend to look up. I'm always worried that if I do, I'll somehow forget where everything is when I look back down. It hasn't happened yet but with my tracks broken down into ridiculously scattered samples, it'd be really noticeable if it did!

Another shot by my Dad. From what I can glean from the position of my hands on my APC, I was singing the chorus of Plesiosaur. It's the fastest track in my set, clocking in at 148bpm. It's also the least strophic. There are about 8 sections to it, and although there is a 'chorus', it only happens once, then comes back at the end in a newly evil fashion. The first time I met Laura we actually sat down and fine tuned this track. She was going to sing vocals on it but I ended up writing something new for us.

Laura and I doing our track, 'Dreamboat Lover'. It's exactly how it sounds. Proper cheesy disco-tronica. And I love it. It's got some of the best chords I've ever written in it and a no holds barred clap track. It's super fun to play live as well, partly because I can rely on Laura doing the leg work for most of the song, which allows me some time to groove away behind my sampler, but also because the end of the track builds to a complete free for all jam out and culminates in the beginning of my Return of the Mack remix, which is great fun to muck around with. It's not quite sunny enough to play outdoors yet but I think Dreamboat Lover would work really well when mother nature eventually sorts her shit out.

I didn't eat all of this, just to be clear. I gave up cereal for lent (I forget why) and with the Hoxton show falling on Easter Saturday, the morning after was the perfect time to reward myself. In this case, with obnoxiously sugary breakfast treats. I kicked off with the Maxi Format Chocapic, moved onto some Crunchy Nut later in the day and had pudding in the form of White Chocolate Brownie Krave. It was a perfect end.