From the carnival cavalcade in Ryan Hemsworth's retake of dour pop damsel Lana Del Rey's 'Summertime Sadness', to the raindrop reworking of Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body' (avec wonderful hushed baritone tones) by Cyril Hahn, this mixtape collects together some of the best new visions of pop tracks by a selection of the most prolific and talented producers on offer these days (oh, and we threw in a few R&B cuts that were too good to leave off). Expect an array of chilled out remixes, indie-dance party-starters and brooding bouts of beat-tacular action. The producers have lifted a gloss off these chart-dominating titans to reveal the soft gooey bits underneath, and replaced cheesy hooks with hazy synth mastery and foot-stompin' percussion.

With popular megastars being effectively deified by Twitter masses and global stans, it's easy for those behind the scenes to fade into the background – while these may not be the original producers of these tracks, it just goes to show how affecting a good producer can really be. Shlohmo has just released his own lauded EP, and the tide is turning in the world of music – producers are getting their time to shine. This playlist turns the tables on popstars as they essentially provide guest vocals over instrumentals designed by the likes of Star Slinger and Girrafage.

This is the first 405 Curated Mixtape, and we're looking to start assembling more for the future with various themes, featuring tracks and artists from across the musical spectrum. We create playlists you never knew you needed and provide the soundtracks for a whole host of lifes moments. Stay tuned.