We've been fans of Pennsylvanian blues-alchemist Eric Howl for a solid few months now. Our interest was first piqued with his indie-rap/bhangra hybrid 'You Already Know The Way To The Brahma's House', showcasing his penchant for worldly poetics and Frankenstein-ian assembly of disparate genres. Then, lobbing a curveball, he retreated to roots-rockabilly for next effort I'm Goin' Down.

As time wore on, we got to know the man behind the music, who's undertaken a vast journey to realise his potential over the past few years, exploring America and the sounds it has to offer, from New Orleans to Pittsburgh and everything in between. It's a unique, fascinating soul-searching trek that you can read in more detail in the link below.

Over the six months or so since his burst into our retinas, Howl has unfurled a short film (Vampire Blues) and a he's launched a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, of which we're delighted to be showing the results to the world for the first time.

Speaking to Bearded Magazine earlier this year, he said this of his debut record:

I'm proud to say my new album represents my truest self. I thought I was born in the wrong era – I feel more comfortable in my dream of James Deans' '50s America than the iPhone dysteria of our modern world. But now I learned that what the African Ifa woman in the French Quarter of New Orleans told me is true: I gotta let all my spirit guides, ancestors, 'gaters, 'coons, eagles, passionate barking realities of myself Howl! I hope you like my album. I worked so hard to bring you beautiful music channelled from the swamp, the woods, the lonely sad desert, Jupiter, and even the littered streets of my heart.