Yesterday we caught up with Monarchy for an in-depth chat about life, privacy and their music, and today we have the great pleasure of premiering their latest mixtape.

"We just changed our clocks to winter time in the UK, and I was wondering about that time where the clocks go back, and we have two of the same hours. What happens in that hour? What memories of summer, what dark moments, what fantasies of sex (or actual), what drugs are taken, what relationships are made or lost in that strange fold in time where the clocks go back. This is a mix to soundtrack that unique extra hour."


  • Monarchy – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Meridian Remix)
  • Data Base – New Disco
  • Shindu – Happy House
  • Tyson – After You’re Gone (Magician Remix)
  • Jan Driver – Golden Super
  • Gonzales – Knight Moves
  • Simone Fedi – Bitter Devotion (Ewan Pearson remix)
  • Edwin Van Cleef – Triton
  • Grimm Limbo – Fortune Favours the Brave
  • X-Press 2 – Kill 100 feat Rob Harvey
  • Azari and III – Manic
  • Volta Bureau - Alley Cat
  • Monarchy – I Won’t Let Go (Mustang Remix)
  • The Void – Darkness Falls