Safari’s new single ‘Doubt’ is an infectious, sun-tinged indie pop gem perfect for the coming weather - but is it nightclub-friendly? That’s what must’ve been going through Decibels’ minds when they remixed the first half of the Hertfordshire band’s new AA side ‘Doubt / We Are Ready’.

The original track’s opening strings have been stripped and skewed, and they now lead into an extremely wobbly, glitch-laden beat. Decibels have turned the lights out on this one and adapted it for your 2am dancefloor pleasures: things really take off at the 2:50 mark when the whole track elevates to some ridiculous beats per minute whilst keeping the tribal, tropical vibes of the original intact. I can only hope you’re ready to tap your feet. ‘Doubt / We Are Ready’ is out February 27th via Sons-of-Stereo Recordings.