The New York synth-pop duo Tempers, comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, released their debut album Services in 2015 to many plaudits. Since then they have been playing fulfil, improving their cutting lyricism and melodic implementation, creating a darker and deeper sound.

Fundamental Fantasy, their new EP which sees release via The Vinyl Factory on Friday, builds on their strong foundations, using their new live experience as a guiding force. Many of the seductive melodies found on Fundamental Fantasy were born out of live improvisation, which gives the release a sneakily natural sound in its intriguing progressions.

You can read what the duo themselves have to say about each of the four tracks on Fundamental Fantasy, as well as stream the EP in full, below.

They say: "The EP is about fantasy lives swelling out of proportion, and the failure of society’s romantic conventions to fulfil our spiritual longing for love. It is about unravelling a world of “romantic post-truth", and healing those wounds."

01. 'Tail In My Mouth': "In the animal world desire is a very simple affair. This track is about the neurotic ways attraction is complicated by living in our own heads, and avoiding the vulnerability of real intimacy."

02. 'Further': "'Further' is about the masochism of wanting what you can’t have. In so many ways we have been conditioned to strive for the impossible, and this has led to strange coping mechanisms for failure. The song is about “mystifying" disconnection as a way of protecting from the sorrow of alienation.

03. 'Terrible Play': "Addiction to love can arise from the belief that someone will come along and fulfil all your desires, and relieve you of the uncomfortable work of grappling with your own demons. This song explores the haze of love drug dreaming as a different entity to true love."

04. 'Far': "'Far' is about extreme hedonistic abandonment, a euphoria of chaos rising and crashing hard."

Listen to Tempers' Fundamental Fantasy here, and look out for its official release on Friday.