They're the LA-based punk-rock quartet that are in for a very good year indeed, have an excellent new album due and are set to bring their incendiary live show back to the UK quite soon. FIDLAR left their stamp on Reading & Leeds last year with a brace of much-discussed slots, so of course Gareth O'Malley would bring them up straight away in an interview he conducted with them last week.

Our writers don't beat around the bush, you know. There was a lot of tour talk: past tours, future tours, German tours - oh, and some discussion of the self-titled album, out on Wichita next week. Our questions were fielded by bassist Brandon Schwartzel, and the band very generously allowed us to exclusively stream the aforementioned album, which you can do so below.

I heard great reports about your Reading and Leeds festival slots last year, and the crowds lapped you up - how was it for you?

They were fucking awesome. We'd never played festivals like that before and had never been to Europe, so when there were people in homemade FIDLAR shirts singing the words to our songs, I was pretty blown away.

Your UK tour kicks off next month, and the album's over here soon too. You're currently touring in the States, as well. How are you all dealing with the increased attention?

It's kinda weird having people start freaking out a little when we load in to a venue, or having kids lined up outside of our shows (we're not that cool you guys). It's awesome that more kids are into our music though.

What was the most fun thing about making the record? It sounds like you guys tried to capture the energy of your live shows; was that something you set out to achieve?

The most fun thing was just all four of us just fucking around in the studio that we built ourselves. We experimented a lot with mic placements and effects. I even made an instrument. As far as capturing the live show, it wasn't something we intentionally set out to do but we play loud live and we like loud records, so I guess that energy just came through naturally.

How excited are you about your German dates with P.S. I Love You and Shields? That's an awesome line-up!


Have you noticed any differences between your home crowds and the ones you get overseas?

Surprisingly no. Everyone told us that Europe (especially London and Paris) were gonna be very mild, arms-folded crowds but the overseas shows have been some of our rowdiest. I guess kids like to get wasted and push each other wherever you go.

Which of the songs on the album are you most pleased with?

I really like how 'Gimme Something' turned out, and 'Cheap Beer' sounds fucking pissed.

Bearing in mind that your band name is an acronym [for 'Fuck It Dog Life's A Risk'], have you got any wild stories of stuff you've gotten up to whilst on tour?

I got robbed by a hooker in Memphis, Tennessee; had all my luggage pissed on; gotten laid out on the sidewalk by a guy who had just stabbed someone; walked around Paris wasted looking for the Eiffel Tower, and probably a bunch of other things I can't remember.

Which albums due out this year are you most excited for?

Anything by Ty Segall (I'm sure he'll put out around 12 awesome records this year), Pangea, The Orwells, Trash Talk.

Finally, what do FIDLAR hope to have achieved by the end of the year?

I hope that we don't die.