Their lo-fi mix of psychedelic melodies and a nostalgic 60's vibe have been winning over fans since February last year after they released their first single 'The Mountain Dogs'. Since then they have recorded the single 'I Am The Rain' at Abbey Road Studios, played with the likes of Tune-yards and Slow Club and their music has been played on Radio1 and BBC 6music. October 2011 saw the release of their EP Noah and the Paper Moon and now 2012 is looking to be quite a big year for Stealing Sheep, the all girl trio from Liverpool, with the release of their new record set to come in the Summer and their recent music video for 'I am the rain' not to mention a summer of festivals.

We caught up with them to talk about the bands sound, and their plans for 2012.

Your name 'Stealing sheep' is quite interesting. Is there any special meaning behind it?

A death metal band in Norway called Enslaved stole some politicians sheep when they wanted to legalize the free download of music online. The headlines were something like 'Enslaved download sheep'. I suppose it was funny and became our name with little rational behind it. It was summer we wanted to play a gig with some tunes we'd put together that day and we made a band name on the spot.

How did you all meet and were you decided on what you wanted to sound like when you formed?

We met in Liverpool where Emily and Lucy grew up. I came to university and never left. We started the band about 2 years ago, we exchanged music tastes and introduced each other to new stuff. We started playing and something of all of our backgrounds came through in the music. The mixture felt good so we went with it.

In one sentence how would you describe Stealing Sheeps sound?

Folktronic indie pop

What is your song-writing process?

Sometimes we bring ideas in or we just play round new beats, harmonies and things until something is created. We spend lots of time trying to shape these ideas into songs, then we arrange lots of parts that we layer on and eventually strip it all back again. It's like we have to try every idea possible out and then you realise the simple ideas are the ones that work and that space lets the songs breath.

Who are your biggest non-musical influences?

David Lynch, Attenborough and The Clangers.

And your musical ones?

Amon Duul, Bjork, The Beatles.

Some of the shots in your video to 'I Am The Rain' are quite beautiful. Where was it filmed and where did the concept some from?

We filmed it outside of Liverpool at Crosby beach and sand dunes. We got up at 5am every morning so we could catch the nice light. Jack Whiteley (a local film maker) directed, filmed and edited the video. We all came up with this kind of idea that we were on a journey to this monstrously beautiful si-fi fantasy Dream Keeper. We drove past it (it's a glass installation in Blackpool) and we were like...lets make a music vid with that in we did.

You have a new record coming out in the summer. What should we expect?

It's a'll have to wait and see!

What are your gig plans for the future?

We're touring Europe for the whole of May with a stint in Istanbul for Chill Out Festival. Then we start a headline tour in the UK in June. We're just starting to confirm some UK festivals too! Really looking forward to Green Man!

You can visit Stealing Sheep by heading here.