To celebrate the release of The DuBarrys' self-titled debut EP (out today), we caught up with the band to discuss their evolution and plans for the future. Check that out below, along with a stream of the aforementioned EP. If you like what you hear, the band play the Shackwell Arms on Tuesday the 14th of October (tickets here).

How did you come together?

We all ended up moving into the same flat in Brighton for Uni, without knowing each other. Straight away started jamming, showing each other our song ideas and it just all came into place from there really. One day we said, we should start a band guys!

How has studying in Brighton influenced your style?

Brighton certainly does help with inspiration and influences. Although we already loved all the old bands we feel that living in Brighton has definitely enhanced the '70s rock, psychedelic dreamy side of our music, although its not the most prominent element. To be honest it's probably more down to the people around us that influence the writing, although being by the sea certainly seems to help those creative ideas flow. There are so many people and things happening that song ideas just come while walking down the lanes and taking in your surroundings, there is definitely a distinct vibe here. There are so many venues and great bands to see every night, it made us want to play and do even more.

What is the local music scene like in Brighton? Is there more of a guitar-led movement?

Brighton has a huge music scene as people know, but we don't think they know how massive it actually is. We honestly think 60% of people you see in the streets in Brighton are all musicians! We know so many bands that are so good here like Digo, Fickle Friends, Thyla, Spit Shake Sisters etc. We think there will always be space for guitar-bands in the mainstream, especially with all the EDM out at their at the moment. Music normally goes in cycles and it seems like guitar bands are creeping back into the charts, for example it's good to see Alt-J's new album sitting in the album charts top 10. Although Electronic music is more popular at the moment in the mainstream than bands, because it's music to dance to, we believe people will always need music where they can feel attached to the lyrics and listen to it calmly to resonate with them, if you know what we mean? And we think this is what guitar music does. It tells stories. We don't think guitar music will ever go away, it's the foundation of music. We feel you can encompass a wider range of emotions through guitar music than in the mainstream dance music you hear these days... beyond the nightlife.

Talk about your early influences.

Alex (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals): Queen, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala.
Rax (Lead Guitar): Fleetwood Mac, DIIV.
Chich (Bass): Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, early KOL & Strokes.

We were very lucky to have parents who loved music and had good taste in it also, so from a very young we had the chance of listening and getting inspired (without knowing it) by some of the best bands ever.

Was there an idea behind the video for Lilly?

We wanted to make something a little vintage looking. The idea was just to have a friend follow us around for a day and film everything we did along with playing at a rehearsal studio. We didn't want to make give too much of a story line to the video, although through out the video you can see close ups of a girl "Lilly" searching for something.

You've played the Isle of Wight festival before, how was that?

It was amazing, we were very lucky to be able to go! First festival for us and what a festival to play at! We played on the band stand on a Saturday around 5ish (same time as The Maccabees which we missed unfortunately) We got tickets for the weekend so got to see Bon Jovi, The Killers and the best part was being driven around in golf buggies for an afternoon!

The new EP, The DuBarrys is out soon, what kind of vibe were you looking for when you were recording it?

We wanted the EP to be a mix of our sound. We didn't want every song to have the same sound and for listeners to be like "oh thats sounds like the track just before." Our producer Ben Mason at Konk Studios did an amazing job at this, using diff microphones, snare, amps and guitars for every track. We have one acoustic song 'Undress Your Soul', one track with a rhodes (piano) 'This time' which is definitely the more 'pop' one and the two other are more ambient, guitar driven tracks. Autumn is on our doorstep and we feel the new EP will be a good accompaniment for the Winter months ahead.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

We're really digging War on Drugs right now after spending all summer listening to Mac DeMarco.

What's next for The DuBarrys?

Who knows, your guess is as good as ours... world wide domination?

Do you remember the last dream you had?

Vaguely, it involved a pirate ship... the rest is a little foggy.